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            Welcome, for Spring 2002 the LCI research team, Eric Overholt and Jeff Kent, are investigating subcultures surrounding computer gaming.  Growing up in a post-Atari age, we have been following and participating in videogame culture.  We are the first generation to have grown up in a time when videogames were already in existence.  This magazine represents a unique opportunity for undergraduates to explore the deeper implications of gaming, proving to our parents that videogames have not rotted our brains and that buying us a Nintendo has helped the two of us in school.
            The subcultures we explore spring up as a result of the modularity of the digital age.  The nature of digital code allows videogames that once existed in a console to be placed into a new framework of the PC.  Similarly, the modularity of digital age also allows for game modifications, bootlegging and cheating for contemporary videogames.

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