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The Culture of Information *
ENGL 25 - Spring 2007,  Alan Liu



Students must regularly attend lectures and sections to pass the course.

  • Lectures The two reading exams in the course (the Midterm and Final) are designed not only to cover assigned print and online readings but also to reward students who come to lecture on a regular basis. Several questions on each exam will focus on the works, authors, issues, quotes, etc., that the instructor emphasizes or introduces in lecture.
  • Sections: Attendance and participation in section meetings accounts for 15% of the final grade. Students who do not regularly come to section cannot pass the course.







Appropriate Use of Wikipedia for Course Assignments


For the course policy on use of Wikipedia, see the short version or long version of "To the Student: Appropriate Use of Wikipedia." (The longer version includes extra detail as well as information about how the instructor developed the policy.)



Intellectual Property Policy


  • Attributing Sources: In your papers and web assignments, you must attribute any material that you are directly borrowing (quoting, copying, closely paraphrasing, etc.), whether published or unpublished. Failure to do so in an academic context is plagiarism, and is a serious offense. As required by UCSB policy, incidents of plagiarism will be reported to the campus offices and committees that oversee student academic integrity.
  • Copyright Issues:Please avoid copyright infringement on any web pages created for this course--e.g., the reproduction of copyrighted images or texts exceeding "fair use" for which you have not requested permission.



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