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English 192 Science Fiction ROBOT LOVE!
ENGL 192 - Summer (B) 2003,  Elizabeth Freudenthal

We'll examine short stories, films and novels loosely grouped according to the following themes: early works, the other, time and space travel, apocalypse and dystopia, and cyberpunk. Like all categories, these overlap to offer us such delicious analytical questions: How do stories of post-nuclear communities help us deal with current forms of government? What can characters traveling through time teach us about different beliefs in the afterlife, in god, in morality? Does science truly help us?

Some required reading is available on the UCSB library's electronic reserve. Students who don't know the password for ERES should email the instructor as soon as possible.

This course fulfills a requirement for the English major specialization in the Literature and Culture of Information.


Elizabeth Freudenthal

Office and Office Hours
SH 1409
MW 11-12 pm


South Hall room 1430
MTWR, 2:00 PM3:05 PM

Required Texts

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley
Amnesia Moon, by Jonathan Lethem
Patchwork Girl, by Shelley Jackson
The Norton Book of Science Fiction,Ursula Le Guin and Brian Atterbery, Eds.
Additional required reading available on the UCSB Library Electronic Reserve Page.

Recommended Texts

20% First Paper (2 Page Introductory Paper)
20% Midterm (Covering syllabus and lectures from day one until Twelve Monkeys.)
10% Rough Draft of Final Paper
25% Final Exam
10% Participation and Attendance
15% Final Paper/Web Assignment
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