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Landscape and the Social Imaginary: Romantic Landscape and Cyberspace
ENGL 236 - Winter 2007,  Alan Liu

The presentation and writing assignments in this graduate course are geared toward allowing students to produce a quality research essay within the confines of the quarter system

Presentation of Essay Idea
Weight: 10% of final grade
Due: Various Dates

Depending on the number of students in the course, we will schedule one or more 15-minute presentations at the end of each class (beginning about a third of the way through the quarter). The purpose of the presentation is (a) to try out possible essay ideas on the class and (b) to put essay ideas within the context of a student's overall research interests. Some presentations will occur before, and some after, the due date for paper prospectuses (see below). Presentations will be graded for substance combined with speaking effectiveness (how well organized and delivered the presentation is). Part of the reason for presentations is to help train students in the art of orally presenting a project or research interest (one of the necessary skills of the profession).

Presentation Schedule, Winter 2007:

Class 4: Jan. 20 (Wordsworth & Coleridge) -- Scott Lehman
Class 5: Feb. 6 (Sublime) -- Talya Meyers
Class 6: Feb. 13 (Constable) -- Billy Hall
Class 7: Feb. 20 (Turner) -- Gordon Batchelor
Class 8: Feb. 27 (Land Art) -- Kevin Kearney
Class 9: Mar. 6 (Travels in Techno-/Cyberspace) -- Judith Hicks
Class 10: Mar. 13 (Virtual Landscape) -- Marthine Satris
Scott LehmanGordon Batchelor
Talya MeyersBilly Hall
Billy HallJudith Hicks
Gordon BatchelorScott Lehman
Kevin KearneyMarthine Satris
Judith HicksKevin Kearney
Marthine SatrisTalya Meyers


Weight: 80% of final grade
Due: March 15

10-12 pp. (plus notes and works cited); due in instructor's mailbox. Alternatively: A hybrid digital/essay project--for example, a shorter essay mounted on the Web complemented by some combination of the following: links to online resources, an annotated bibliography, a collection of quotations from relevant theory, a visual model of a landscape, a database project, etc.


Class Participation

Quality and quantity of class participation will determine whether the instructor votes thumbs up or down on ties between A- and B+ grades, etc. This is a frequent situation in graduate courses. In general, class participation matters at the graduate level because it is a measure of how successful a student will be as a future teacher, conference participant, colleague, etc.


Prospectus for Essay (posted to Course Online Forum)
Weight: 10% of final grade
Due: February 28

The prospectus should be 1-3 pp. in length. It must include a preliminary bibliography. It may also include a trial first paragraph for the essay. The prospectus will be graded for substance combined with effectiveness as a prospectus. (Prospectus- or proposal-writing is one of the standard genres of writing in the profession.)


Critique of Another Student's Essay Prospectus (posted to Course Online Forum)
Due: March 7

Each student will be assigned another student to critique. Critiques should be rigorous, but should also be constructive in spirit. This assignment will not be graded, unless it is not done.



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