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Media Ecologies, Systems & Networks
ENGL 236 - Fall 2010,  Rita Raley

Tue, 9/28

Tue, 10/5
Media ecologies & information spaces

Readings Due:
- Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage
- Paul Virilio, “The Third Interval,” in Rethinking Technologies [3-12]
- Andrew Leyshon and Nigel Thrift, Money/Space: Geographies of Monetary Transformation [323-354]
- Manuel Castells, The Rise of The Network Society [327-337, 364-375]
- Anna McCarthy, Ambient Television: Visual Culture and Public Space [Chapter 6]

Recommended Readings: Andreas Jacobs, Semantic Disturbances | Justin Katko, Up Against the Screen Mother Fuckers (video | video with sound [loads slowly]) | Donna Leishman, RedRidinghood | Erik Loyer, Chroma | Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia | William Poundstone, Project for Tachistoscope | Young-Hae Chang, "Rain on the Sea" [txt file]

Tue, 10/12
From observer to observer-participant

Readings Due:
- Myron Krueger, “Responsive Environments” (1977)
- N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature [Chapters 2-3]
- Mark Hansen, New Philosophy for New Media [Chapter 3]
- Nigel Thrift, Non-Representational Theory [Chapter 1: “Life, but not as we know it”]

Recommended Readings: Sandy Baldwin, New Word Order: Basra | Serge Bouchardon, Toucher/Touch | Mary Flanagan, [theHouse] | Aya Karpinska and Daniel C. Howe, open.ended | Jason Nelson, game, game, game and again game | Andrew Stern and Michael Mateas, Façade | Noah Wardrip-Fruin et al, Screen (watch Quicktime videos)

Tue, 10/19

Readings Due:
- Niklas Luhmann, Art as a Social System [54-67, 156-158, 185-189]
- Félix Guattari, “Machinic Heterogenesis,” in Rethinking Technologies [13-27]
- Matthew Fuller, Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture [Introduction, Chapters 1 & 4]
- Elena Esposito, “The Arts of Contingency,” Critical Inquiry 31 (Autumn 2004)
- David Wellbery, “Systems,” Critical Terms for Media Studies
- N. Katherine Hayles, “Cybernetics,” Critical Terms for Media Studies

Recommended Readings: Recommended: world wide watch ( | John Hilliard, A Camera Recording Its Own Condition (1971) | UK Pirate Radio Broadcasts | Interview with Germaine Koh (Mathew Kabatoff; Rhizome)

Tue, 10/26
Assemblages & actor-network theory

Readings Due:
- Bruno Latour, Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory [63-86, 128-133, 173-190])
- Manuel De Landa, A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity [“Assemblages against Totalities”]
- Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey, “Towards an Evil Media Studies,” The Spam Book

Tue, 11/2
Swarms, multitudes, smart mobs

Readings Due:
- Eugene Thacker, “Networks, Swarms, Multitudes” (Parts One and Two), CTheory (2004)
- Jussi Parikka, “Politics of Swarms: Translations between Entomology and Biopolitics,” Parallax 14:3 (2008)
- Gabriele Brandstetter, “Swarms and Enthusiasts: Transfer in/as Choreography,” Parallax 14:3 (2008)
- Kristen Whissel, “The Digital Multitude,” Cinema Journal 49:4 (Summer 2010)

Recommended Readings: Melinda Rackham and Damien Everett, carrier (becoming symborg) | Heath Bunting, King’s Cross Phone In | Mp3 Experiments

Tue, 11/9
Network visualizations

Readings Due:
- Nicole Starosielski, “Surfacing: Toward a Counter-mapping of Submarine Systems” (PDF) + Surfacing (Vectors)
- John Scott, Social Network Analysis: A Handbook [Chapter 2]

Recommended Readings: Cable Map | Many Eyes | Visual Complexity | Esther Polak & Ieva Auzina with RIXC, Milk

Tue, 11/16
Network politics

Readings Due:
- Tiziana Terranova, Network Culture: Politics for the Information Age [Introduction, Chapters 1-2, 5]
- Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker, The Exploit [25-35, 53-70, 149-157]
- Alexander Galloway, “Networks,” Critical Terms for Media Studies

Tue, 11/23
Networks of sociability

Readings Due:
- Roy Ascott, “Is there love in the telematic embrace?Art Journal 49:3 (1990), 241-247
- Manuel De Landa, A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity [“Persons and Networks”]
- Manuel Castells, Communication Power [116-125, 135-136, 426-427]
- Felix Stalder, “Bourgeois Anarchism and Authoritarian Democracies,” First Monday 13:7 (July 2008)
- Jodi Dean, “Affective Networks,” MediaTropes 2:2 (2010)

Recommended Readings: Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, Twistori | Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, Listening Post (watch short videos) | Daniel Howe & Aya Karpinska, No Time Machine | Judd Morrissey, The Last Performance

Tue, 11/30
Collaboration & community

Readings Due:
- Roberto Esposito, Communitas: The Origin and Destiny of Community [Introduction]
- Tiqqun, “Theses on the Terrible Community
- Fred Turner, From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism [Introduction, Chapter 8]
- Claire Bishop, “The Social Turn: Collaboration and Its Discontents,” Artforum (February 2006)
- Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics [14-21]
- Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Commonwealth [39-55, 165-178]

Recommended Readings: TXT mobs: Paul Notzold, TXTual Healing | Matt Locke & Jaap de Jonge, Speaker's Corner | Cityspeak | Johannes Gees, Hellomrpresident | Calc & Johannes Gees, Communimage | LiveBook | ARGs and pervasive gaming: Uncle Roy All Around You; The Lost Ring; Superstruct!; City Slikkers | World Without Oil

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