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The Posthuman
ENGL 165EC - Spring 2003,  Rita Raley
Tue, 4/8 Dystopian Visions

Blade Runner FAQ: The following definition appears in the BR script and the Marvel Comics adaptation of the film, and the Denver/Dallas sneak preview:

android (an'droid) n, Gk. humanoid automation. more at robot./ 1. early version utilized for work too boring, dangerous or unpleasant for humans. 2. second generation bio-engineered. Electronic relay units and positronic brains. Used in space to explore inhospitable environments. 3. third generation synthogenetic. REPLICANT, constructed of skin/flesh culture. Selected enogenic transfer conversion. Capable of self perpetuating thought. Paraphysical abilities. Developed for emigration program. WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY New International (2012)

Paul M. Sammon interview (Recommended by Andy R.)


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