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The Posthuman
ENGL 165EC - Spring 2003,  Rita Raley
Tue, 5/27 AI, continued

Catalogue of the everyday knowledge fed to Helen (John Frow, " 'Never Draw to an Inside Straight': On Everyday Knowledge," New Literary History [2002]: 625-6):
  • Law: (parking tickets)
  • Commerce: institutions (the Securities and Exchange Commission, retail outlets); office culture (Post-its, letterhead); practices (two-for-one sales); regulation (registered trademarks, sales tax)
  • Technology: music (tuning forks, the layout of keys on the piano); electricity; detection and signalling devices; food technology (spoilage and refrigeration, plastic wraps)
  • Agriculture (pitchforks)
  • Religion: the religious calendar (Lent); theology (grace)
  • Culture: poetry (the road not taken); media (the Oscar, the Grammy, and the Emmy); faits divers; social issues (the failure of education to save society from itself, alternative lifestyles)
  • History: social history; history of medicine (colds, the flu, and a brief five-century tour of their treatments); cultural history (debutantes' balls); political history (the Great Wall, the Burma Road, the Iron Curtain, the Light at the End of the Tunnel); history of architecture (the difference between triforium and clerestory); history of religion (famous pilgrims' routes through time and space); history of food (how salt was once worth its weight in gold); urban history; history of crime; ecological history; history of ideas
  • Science: mathematics; botany; zoology; forensic science; entomology; anatomy; medicine; economics; physics (the South Sea bubble of cold fusion); architecture
  • Sociology: of art (collectors who specialize in Depression-era glass); of culture; of jokes (ethnic jokes)
  • Material Culture: types of cloth
  • Human Emotions and Behavior (revenge, forgiveness, contrition, ennui); the experience of history (how history always took place elsewhere)
  • Folk Knowledges: folk memory (how people used to teach their children about the big hand and the little hand); folk history (forked tongues); folk wisdom (never send a boy to do a man's job); folk science (divining with a fresh-cut alder rod)
  • Games: cards (never draw to an inside straight); athletics


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