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ENGL 236 - Winter 2006,  Rita Raley
Wed, 1/18 Codework & net.wurked language

arc.hive list welcome message:

_arc[texture.eyes].hive_ seeks to fill the gap][ing hole][ left by those lists previously d.voted 2 the e.volut][ion, discussion, practice, & slippage of all actions oriented around the net/web. _arc[texture.eyes].hive_ will try 2 jab ][@][ buttoned boundaries & ][create a space where x.perimentation &][t.e regarding any label u care 2 stick on/ova creative practices involving the network [ie new media art, code poetry,, e.literature, content alteration poetry, web art, electronic art, hackerese, digital projects, net.wurks, programmer writing, spam art, incremental texts, theory/hybrid factions, software art, performative interactions, werdwurk, calls 4 applications & submissions, gamer rhetoric, technical info/details, net-linked announcements etc etc] is 2 b x.pected & n.couraged.

"We shall therefore star the text, separating, in the manner of a minor earthquake, the blocks of signification of which reading grasps only the smooth surface, imperceptibly soldered by the movement of sentences, the flowing discourse of narration, the 'naturalness' of ordinary language. The tutor signifier will be cut up into a series of brief, continguous fragments, which we shall call lexias, since they are units of reading....The lexia will include sometimes a few words, sometimes several sentences; it will be a matter of convenience: it will suffice that the lexia be the best possible space in which we can observe meanings."
- Roland Barthes, S/Z, chapter 7


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