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ENGL 236 - Winter 2006,  Rita Raley

Wed, 1/11
Introduction to the course

Wed, 1/18
Codework & net.wurked language

Readings Due:
- Mez, -][selec][text: co][deP][l][oetry] _ and _The Art of M[ez]
- Browse _Net & Codeworkers Inc[ubation]_ gallery
- Ted Warnell, “Lascaux.Symbol.ic,” “VIRU2,” “Code Poetry
- Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia
- Alan Sondheim, “Codework” (American Book Review [2001])
- Leet (wikipedia)

Recommended Readings: Alan Sondheim, “On Code and Codework” and “Coding, encoding, confusion” | Mark Amerika, "active/onBlur: an interview with Talan Memmott” | Mez, “_Net.Drenching_Creating the Co[de][i]n.Text_,” P0es1s (library reserve) | _[net]blog to log][ah!rhythm][_ (Mez blog) | Ted Warnell interview on the poetics of programming | codepo() (Warnell) | John Cayley, “The Code is not the Text (unless it is the Text)” | Komninos Zervos, "Sound Poem"

Wed, 1/25
A cultural history of code poetics

Readings Due:
- Florian Cramer, Word Made Flesh: Code, Culture, Imagination
- Cramer, “Program Code Poetry” and “Digital Code and Literary Text
- Jutta Steidl, “If ( ) then ( )

Recommended Readings: Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Adrian Ward, "The Aesthetics of Generative Code" | Visual poetry ( | Cramer, "and" (Perl poem) | Codeworks ("This program attempts for the first time to transpose codeworks from the written source text to radiophony.") | Pau Waelder, review of Words Made Flesh (Furtherfield) | ArtCast in Basel (with Florian Cramer)

Wed, 2/1
Language & code

Readings Due:
- N. Katherine Hayles, My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts (pp. 1-61)
- Hayles, “Traumas of Code”
- Ferdinand de Saussure, Course in General Linguistics (selections)
- Roland Barthes, S/Z (selections)
- Vilém Flusser, "On the Theory of Communication," Writings

Recommended Readings: Elizabeth Wilson & Andreas Ströhl, "On the Philosopher Vilém Flusser" (1997) | Stephen Wolfram site | Jason Nelson, Dreamphage

Wed, 2/8

Readings Due:
- John Cayley, Translation (first download and install fixed-width font and sounds in archive from here) | Translation information page
- Warren Sack and Sawad Brooks, Translation Map (also see proposal)
- Julian Dibbell, "After Babelfish"
- Genco Gulan, “interactive poem / etkilesimli sir” (description | text)

Recommended Readings: Cayley, “Overboard: An Example of Ambient Time-Based Poetics in digital art” | Cayley on transliteral morphing and "digital wen" | Binary Translator | Rita Raley, “Machine Translation and Global English” | Lost in Translation | Muntadas, On Translation: The Internet Project

Wed, 2/15
Software cultures

Readings Due:
- Adrian Mackenzie, Cutting Code (chapters 1-2)
- Mackenzie, "The performativity of code: software and cultures of circulation" (2005) [pdf file 2002]
- Friedrich Kittler, "There is No Software"
- Gene Kan, "Gnutella"

Recommended Readings: Free Software Foundation (also see wikipedia entry) | Free Software Magazine | Open source movement | Lessig et al, Code.v.2 wiki | Eric S. Raymond, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" | Processing (Ben Fry and Casey Reas)

Wed, 2/22

Readings Due:
- Browse exhibits: Code ( | "CODeDOC" (Whitney Artport) | "Obfuscated C Code"
- Josephine Berry, "Bare Code: Net Art and the Free Software Movement"
- I/O/D | (especially
- Michael Mateas and Nick Montfort, "A Box, Darkly: Obfuscation, Weird Languages, and Code Aesthetics"

Recommended Readings: CODeDOC II (Ars Electronica) | Toplap (manifesto) | Jim Carpenter, "Public Override Void" (Slought Foundation) | (software art) | Simon Yuill, "Code Art Brutalism" (pdf file) | crash symposium+sound event | ap index | PromiscuOS | "Visceral Facades" (Matthew Fuller, I/O/D) | "United We Stand" ( | Glitchbrowser (furtherfield review)

Wed, 3/1

Readings Due:
- Gilles Deleuze, “Control and Becoming” and “Postscript on Control Societies”
- Alexander Galloway, Protocol: How Control Exists After Decentralization (pp. 2-53, 146-173, 208-246)

Recommended Readings: Galloway and Eugene Thacker, "Protocol and Counter-Protocol" | Internet protocol suite | Ethernet || Token ring | Transvergence: call for participation (ISEA 2006)

Wed, 3/8
Virtuosity & the virtual class

Readings Due:
- Paolo Virno, A Grammar of the Multitude
- Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, "The California Ideology"
- Arthur Kroker and Michael Weinstein, "Theory of the Virtual Class"
- Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude (pp.63-93)

Wed, 3/15
Hacktivism & tactical media

Readings Due:
- Critical Art Ensemble, "Electronic Civil Disobedience" (pdf of entire book)
- Alan Liu, The Laws of Cool (pp. 348-71)
- Browse art projects: Anti-Capitalist Operating System | etoy | RTMark | Electronic Disturbance Theater
- Eben Moglen, "The dotCommunist Manifesto"

Recommended Readings: | Culture jamming (wikipedia) | 'I work here, but I am cool.' (Geert Lovink interview with Alan Liu) | CAE, Tactical Media | Mark Amerika, "Writing as Hacktivism: An Intervening Satire"

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