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Nov 22, 2005

5:30-7:30 pm

South Hall 2509

Transcriptions Funding Proposals


Screening and Discussion

Discussion leaders for this event: Yanoula Athanassakis & Kim Knight

Event Details



Vincent is one of the last "natural" babies born into a sterile, genetically-enhanced world, where life expectancy and disease likelihood are ascertained at birth. Myopic and due to die at 30, he is automatically denied the opportunity to pursue a career as an astronaut. When he assumes the identity of Jerome, a man who is genetically perfect yet crippled, things begin to look up. Vincent is close to his dream of space flight and the beautiful Irene has entered his life, adding some much needed variety. However, things start to fall apart when the mission director at Gattaca Corp is murdered. Not knowing whom he can trust, Vincent’s life is thrown into chaos as he tries to avoid suspicion and maintain his identity.


About LCI Film.Literature.Software Series

The Film.Literature.Software series is sponsored by the UCSB English Department's Literature and the Culture of Information (LCI) specialization. Events in the series bring together undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to discuss films, fiction, poetry, games, software, and other works related to new media and new technologies. (See index.asp). The LCI specialization is associated with the English Department's Transcriptions project on literary history and information culture.

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