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More guides to online learning & research Resources for Instructors

Selective guide to online writing and speaking resources. "Recommended" references are marked as * for users whose time is limited.


Grammar & Style

General Access

  • * Guide to Grammar and Writing (Charles Darling and Capital Community Technical College) — a marvelous guide with clear explanations and practice quizzes to assist in the correction of any gramatical problem.
  • * SentenceCraft (Larry Behrens, UCSB) — very clear and visually effective explanations of parts of sentences followed by practice exercises.
  • Strunk's Elements of Style ( — the classic text online.

Writing Tips

General Access

  • * Writing tips (Ted Nellen) — very comprehensive site with links to other pages about virtually every part of the writing process, including anxiety. Heavily reliant upon the resources of The Purdue University Writing Lab.
  • Writing Argumentative Essays (Bill Daly) — a comprehensive guide to writing papers, including opportunities to practice and test ideas.
  • Writer's Handbook for Academic Writing (The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center) — a terrific guide to the process of writing all kinds of papers, with helpful advice about developing theses, the most effective use of quotations, how to prepare bibliographies, and the differences between writing about literature, writing research papers, reviews and scientific reports.


General Access

  • Common Errors in English (Paul Brians) — list of commonly misspelled words, words that sound similar to one another, and phrases. Explains the distinction between the spelling of different words that sound the same.

Oral Presentations

General Access

  • Virtual Presentation Assistant (Communication Studies, University of Kansas) — a comprehensive guide to creating and delivering oral presentations, which includes links to other sites on this topic.

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