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Electronic Literature
ENGL 146EL - Fall 2009,  Rita Raley

Mon, 9/28
Introduction: Electronic Literature

- Peter Howard, "A Poppy" [plain text] [animated version]
- Peter Howard, Xylo
- Stephanie Strickland, The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot
- Robert Kendall, Faith (CD)
- Chris Green, Walking Together What Remains
- Tal Halpern, Le Nouveau Western
- Donna Leishman, RedRidinghood (CD)
- Dan Waber, Strings (CD)
- Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries @ LACMA
- Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, Twistori

Wed, 9/30
Early computer-mediated fiction

Readings Due:
- Judy Malloy, l0ve 0ne
- Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 5-17)

Recommended Readings: Judy Malloy, Works | Chronological Timeline of Creative Work in “Cyberpoetry”

Mon, 10/5
Hypertext: Storyspace and Eastgate

Readings Due:
- J. Yellowlees Douglas, I Have Said Nothing (Eastgate) and "Nota Bene" on navigation
- Ted Nelson, excerpts from Computer Lib/Dream Machines (open pdf and read pp. 314-5)
- Espen Aarseth, Cybertext (pp. 76-79, 90-92)

CDs of Eastgate texts are not always available, but you can read I Have Said Nothing in the Transcriptions studio during TA office hours. In case they are of use to anyone (as something other than a coaster), floppy disks are also on reserve in Davidson Library.

Recommended Readings: Background on Storyspace | Commentary on Douglas in the Transcriptions "Guide to Readings" Archive | Ted Nelson, "Back to the Future: Hypertext the Way It Used To Be" (2007) | Xanadu

Wed, 10/7
Cybertext: interactivity & playable texts

Readings Due:
- Espen Aarseth, "Introduction: Ergodic Literature,” Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature
- Raymond Queneau, "A Fairytale As You Like It"
- Tristan Tzara, “Dadaist Poem” (1920)
- Noah Wardrip-Fruin et al, Regime Change (CD)
- Millie Niss, Oulipoems (CD)
- Juliet Davis, "Pieces of Herself"
- Christine Wilks, Fitting the Pattern
- Jason Nelson, game, game, game and again game

Recommended Readings: Stéphane Susana, "A Roundup of Constrained Writing on the Web" | Permutations
- Further examples from Aarseth: Apollinaire, Calligrammes; Eliza; Adventure; I Ching | IC (for DOS) | Cent milles milliards de poèmes (comparison between print and electronic forms)

Mon, 10/12
Interactive fiction & text adventure games

Readings Due:
- Andrew Plotkin, Shade
- Jim Monroe, Everybody Dies
- Andrew Stern and Michael Mateas, Façade
- Espen Aarseth, "Intrigue and Discourse in the Adventure Game," Cybertext

Recommended Readings: Adventure game (wikipedia) | Brass Lantern | Natalie Bookchin, The Intruder | Being Andrew Plotkin | Index of IF by Andrew Plotkin | Zork I: The Great Underground Empire | Baf's Guide to IF | Gaming Links: Game Studies; Open Directory: InteractiveFiction | Nick Montfot, “Interactive Fiction” and "Literary Games" (Poems That Go) | Mike Tolar, Clink (description) | Jeremy Douglass (UCSB), "Lecture: Interactive Fiction | Infocom teenage zombie ad

Wed, 10/14

Readings Due:
- Olia Lialina, "My Boyfriend Came Back From the War"
- Caitlin Fisher, "These Waves of Girls"

Recommended Readings: Remediations of "Boyfriend" (multiple artists) | Raine Koskimaa, “Visual Structuring of Hypertext Narratives” | Henry Jenkins, "Game Design as Narrative Architecture" | Caitlin Fisher, Andromeda

Mon, 10/19
Close reading

Readings Due:
- Judd Morrissey, with Lori Talley, The Jew's Daughter (CD)
- Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 74-82)

Recommended Readings: N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 74-85)

Wed, 10/21
Class canceled; instructor conference

Mon, 10/26
Midterm preparation & technical training

Readings Due:
If you have not already visited the LCM/Transcriptions studio (SH 2509) and met our RA, Marthine Satris, please plan to do so on this day between 12-5. Familiarize yourselves with the equipment and software that we have available.

Wed, 10/28
Visual Poetry (vispo)

Readings Due:
- Aram Saroyan poems, especially 15-30
- Emmett Williams, "Like Attracts Like"; "meditation no.1"; "typewriter"
- e.e. cummings, "r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r" [and page proof]
- bp Nichol, "Attempted Diagnoses" and "untitled"
- Geof Huth, Endemic Battle Collage (watch video online or download emulator)
- Ana Maria Uribe, Anipoema / Anipoem
- Brian Kim Stefans, “The Dreamlife of Letters” (CD)
- Alison Clifford, The Sweet Old Etcetera

Recommended Readings: Aram Saroyan, "Flower Power" | UbuWeb, especially Guillaume Apollinaire | Bob Grumman, "MNMLST POETRY: Unacclaimed but Flourishing" | Brazilian Digital Poetry | Vispo ~ Langu(im)age: experimental visual poetry (Jim Andrews) | Neil Hennessey, "Puddle" | Eugen Gomringer, "Silencio"

Mon, 11/2
Listening at the screen

Readings Due:
- Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate (listen to one of the versions and take a look at the score; the fastest version is by Christian Bök)
- Sound poetry at UbuWeb, especially Hugo Ball, "Karawane"; Tristan Tzara, “L'amiral Cherche”; Jaap Blonk, "der minister" and "galsslass"
- Komninos Zervos, "Sound Poem"
- Jörg Piringer, "Sound Poems"
- Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries, "Dakota," "Beckett's Bounce," "Lotus Blossom"

Recommended Readings: Intercultural medium literature digital: Interview with YHC HI (Hyun-Joo Yoo) | Steven Poole on sound art (Guardian)

Critical Essays on sound poetry: Dick Higgins, "A Taxonomy of Sound Poetry"; Kevin Concannon, "Cut and Paste: Collage and the Art of Sound"; Steve McCaffery, "Sound Poetry - A Survey"

Wed, 11/4
Digital poetics: loops, kineticism, durational structures

Readings Due:
- Dan Waber, Strings (CD)
- Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim, Tao (CD)
- Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar, Cruising (CD)
- babel vs. escha, Urbanalities (CD)
- Oni Buchanan, The Mandrake Vehicles

Recommended Readings: David Jhave Johnston, "Sooth" | Peter Howard, "Flash Poetry" | Poems That Go

Mon, 11/9
Speed reading

Readings Due:
- William Poundstone, Project for Tachistoscope (CD)
- Young-Hae Chang, "Rain on the Sea" [txt file]
- N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 114-119; 139-143)

Recommended Readings: Sue Currell, "Streamlining the Eye: Speed Reading and the Revolution of Words, 1870-1940" (pdf) | The Parallax View (testing sequence)

Wed, 11/11
University holiday

Mon, 11/16
Code, Code Poetry, and Net.wurked Language

Readings Due:
- Mez, _the data][h!][bleeding texts_ and _The Art of M[ez]
- Florian Cramer, "Program Code Poetry" and "and" (Perl poem)
- Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia (CD)
- N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 120-125)

Recommended Readings: Ted Warnell interview on the poetics of programming (trAce) | "" (transcribes Blake's "London" into Perl) | Code aesthetics: experimental poetry ( | Leet (wikipedia) | _[net]blog to log][ah!rhythm][_ (Mez blog) | Mapping the Acephale | active/onBlur: an interview with Talan Memmott (Mark Amerika) | Jodi

Wed, 11/18
The poetics of computational text

Readings Due:
- John Cayley, with Giles Perring, Overboard (follow instructions to install sound fonts)
- John Cayley, Translation (CD)
- Ted Warnell, "Lascaux.Symbol.ic" and "VIRU2"

Recommended Readings: Visual explanation of programming languages (Webopedia) | YHCHI, "Nippon" | Harold Cohen, "The Further Exploits of Aaron, Painter" | Virtual Lascaux (c. 15,000 bce) | Preserving Lascaux (Washington Post; June 2008) | Cayley, “Overboard: An Example of Ambient Time-Based Poetics in digital art” | N. Katherine Hayles, Electronic Literature (pp. 145-155)

Mon, 11/23
3D texts

Readings Due:
- Noah Wardrip-Fruin et al, Screen (watch Quicktime videos)
- Justin Katko, Up Against the Screen Mother Fuckers (video)
- John Cayley, Lens
- Sandy Baldwin, New Word Order (QT video)
- David Knoebel, Click Poetry: Words in Space
- Aya Karpinska and Daniel C. Howe, open.ended (CD)
- Dan Waber and Jason Pimble, I, You, We (CD)
- Jason Nelson, Between Treacherous Objects

Recommended Readings: Jeffrey Shaw, The Legible City (with QT video) | Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv, Text Rain | Text Rain video | Tom White and David Small, Stream of Consciousness | Eduardo Kac, Holopoetry | Ben Fry, valence | Magic Book | Ted Warnell, “Code Poetry” | Jason Nelson, The Poetry Cube | Gothamberg | Writing.3D (special issue of The Iowa Review Web)

Wed, 11/25
Literature & social computing

Readings Due:
- Kate Armstrong, Why Some Dolls Are Bad (Facebook application; not compatible with recent FB updates but you can read about it)
- The Big Plot
- Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, Twistori
- Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph, Flight Paths: A Networked Novel (read one of the chapters and look at the "flight paths universe")
- Daniel Howe & Aya Karpinska, "No Time Machine"
- Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin, Listening Post (watch short videos)
- Bruno Nadeau and Jason Lewis, Still Standing

Recommended Readings: LiveBook | Anton Ferret, The Fugue Book (mp4)

Mon, 11/30
Mobile media

Readings Due:
- SMS novels: "The Next Chapter in Reading" (Guardian; September 2007) | "Japan's mobile phone literature" (Times; December 2007) | "Thumbs Race as Japan’s Best Sellers Go Cellular" (New York Times; January 2008)
- Knifeandfork, The Wrench
- Aya Karpinska, Shadows Never Sleep (iPhone app)

Recommended Readings: "The Pleasures of the Text" (NY Times Book Review; January 2006) | Knifeandfork, "Hundekopf" | World’s First QR Code Living Book

Wed, 12/2
Site specificity

Readings Due:
- J.R. Carpenter, in absentia
- 34 North 118 West (watch QT video)
- ARGs and pervasive gaming: Uncle Roy All Around You; World Without Oil"; The Lost Ring; Superstruct!; ARQuake; City Slikkers
- Esther Polak & Ieva Auzina with RIXC, Milk

Recommended Readings: The Center for Locative Media | plan b, fortysomething | GPS Drawing | "Drawing (and Doodling) With Countryside as Canvas" (NY Times; April 2002) | The World is My Canvas | Bo Kampmann Walther, Pervasive Gaming: Formats, Rules and Space | IPerG | Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality Games | area/code | Layar (AR browser)

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