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English 10 Literature and Culture of Information: Textual Genealogies
ENGL 10LC - Winter 2006,  Kimberly Knight

In this version of English 10, we will use the basic principles of literary analysis to explore the intersections and disjunctions between literature and technology.

We will engage with a variety of content, from gothic fiction to contemporary prose and poetry, to visual texts such as graphic novels, films, or video games. Our movement through the course will progress genre-by-genre and a primary aspect of our work will be to tease out the threads that unite the wide range of texts under consideration.

We will also be reading a selection of critical works and learning some rudimentary web design skills in order to complete a web-based project. In addition, the class will include instruction in research and writing in print and digital environments.

Recommended for students interested in doing a future Literature and Culture of Information specialization. English 10 is required for all English majors and recommended for English minors.

Satisfies second half of GE requirement for area A


Kimberly Knight

Office and Office Hours


SH 1415
TR, 11:00 AM12:40 PM

Required Texts

Gaiman, Neil. Marvel 1602. New York: Marvel Enterprises, 2004.
Gibson, William. Neuromancer. New York: Ace, 1984.
Hayles, N. Katherine. Writing Machines. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003.
Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York: WW Norton, 1996.
Various Online Readings

20% Paper One - Close Reading (4 - 6 pages )
20% Web Project
10% Critical Responses
20% Paper Two - Research Paper (4 - 6 pages)
10% Wiki Group Presentations
10% Participation, including attendance and quizzes.
10% Wiki Glossary
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