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The Voice and the Page
ENGL 147VP - Fall 2006,  Carol Braun Pasternack

What does it mean to tell a story? What does it mean to write a story? What does it mean to listen to the story or to read it? The meanings of stories have a direct relationship to their material realities and the parts they play in social situations. In this class, we will examine medieval texts with the goal of figuring out how they were meaningful at the time of their production and/or performances. We will look at edited texts and also at manuscript facsimiles (digital and print) and a few actual medieval manuscripts in order to see the traces of oral composition and performance and see how the texts were written and read. We will consider, “What do these early texts tell us about the varieties of performances and texts that we might call ‘literature’ and the varieties that we might call ‘information’?” And we will consider the impacts of distinctive information technologies on ‘literature’ and ‘information.’ Webpage authoring will be part of the work.


Carol Braun Pasternack

Office and Office Hours
SH 2704
Please email


SH 1415
TR, 12:30 PM1:45 PM

Required Texts

Beowulf, transl. Chickering
Book of Psalms (Dover edition at Bookstore, but you may use another)
Book of Hours
Chaucer, Canterbury Tales (facing translation, ed. and transl. Beider)
De Hamel, Scribes and Illuminators
Reader at Grafikart

20% Little Web Project (single web page in html)
30% Group Web Project
20% Essay (5 pages)
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