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Hypertext Fiction & Digital Poetries
ENGL 165LT - Fall 2002,  Rita Raley

Thu, 9/26
Introduction: Literature and Information Technologies

  • Peter Howard, "A Poppy" [plain text] [animated version]
  • Peter Howard, "Xylo"

  • Recommended Readings: Stephanie Strickland, "The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot"

    Tue, 10/1
    Storyspace and Eastgate

    Readings Due: Judy Malloy, l0ve 0ne

    Recommended Readings: Judy Malloy, Works

    Thu, 10/3

    Readings Due:

  • J. Yellowlees Douglas, I Have Said Nothing
  • Mary Kim Arnold, Lust

  • Note: Eastgate disks available from UCSB bookstore or <>. CDs are not available, so if you do not have a floppy drive, then you will want to read the texts in the Transcriptions studio during TA office hours. The disks are also on reserve in Davidson Library.

    Recommended Readings:
  • Commentary on Arnold and Douglas in the Transcriptions "Guide to Readings" Archive
  • Tue, 10/8
    Print Hypertexts

    For a showing of artists's books this week, I will arrange for a class trip to the Rare Books room in Davidson Library.

    Readings Due:

  • Jorge Luis Borges, "The Garden of Forking Paths"
  • Borges, "An Examination of the Work of Herbert Quain"

  • Note: To print the stories, set margins to about .25" and change orientation from "portrait" to "landscape.")

    Recommended Readings:
  • Browse Marzenna and Julius Donajski, "Garden of Forklike Paths" and Martin Hadis, Internetaleph
  • Artists's books (Special Collections viewing; TR 3:20-4:20)
  • Thu, 10/10

    Readings Due: Transcriptions TA tech training: class meets in South Hall 2509

    Tue, 10/15
    Print Hypertexts (cont.)

    Readings Due: Ana Castillo, The Mixquiahuala Letters (first half of novel)

    Thu, 10/17

    Readings Due: Ana Castillo, The Mixquiahuala Letters

    Tue, 10/22
    Combinatorial Writing and Ergodic Text

    Readings Due:

  • Espen Aarseth, “The Cyborg Author,” from Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature
  • Permutations
  • Raymond Queneau, "A Fairytale As You Like It" and "100,000,000,000,000 Poems"
  • Selections from Oulipo (especially Harry Matthews, “The Poet’s Eye”)

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Stéphane Susana, "A Roundup of Constrained Writing on the Web"
  • Browse Oulipo site; or, browse Stéfan Sinclair's Oulipo ("the Workshop of potential computer literature [Ouvroir de Littérature Informatique Potentiel] is my little way of grouping together a variety of projects that bring together notions of Oulipo and of computers")
  • I Ching
  • RACTER FAQ (about the supposed text-generation program)
  • HyperPo (software for text exploration and analysis)
  • Thu, 10/24
    Permutations: Cut-ups and Collage

    Readings Due:

  • Brion Gysin, Cut-Ups Self-Explained; The Cut-up Technique (Burroughs); and The Cut-up Machine
  • Helen Thorington (with M.R. Petit and John Neilson), Solitaire
  • The Assoziations Blaster
  • Nam June Paik video screen installations: Guggenheim; Smithsonian and Megatron / Matrix installation

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Introduction to Dada and Surrealism (BBC)
  • William S. Burroughs, The Cut-up Technique
  • (archived)
  • The Cut-up PageOnline
  • Ian Campbell, Glimpses of an Afternoon and Mechanos Organos
  • Tue, 10/29
    Interactive Fiction and Text Adventure Games

    Readings Due:

  • Nick Montfort, Winchester’s Nightmare
  • Espen Aarseth, "Intrigue and Discourse in the Adventure Game," from Cybertext

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Zork I: The Great Underground Empire
  • Natalie Bookchin, The Intruder
  • Gaming Links: Game Studies; Interactive Fiction Research Library; Interactive Fiction & Adventure Games; Open Directory: InteractiveFictionCNET Gamecenter
  • Thu, 10/31
    Links and Linking

    Chat session with Jeff Parker

    Readings Due: Jeff Parker, "A Long Wild Smile"

    Tue, 11/5

    Readings Due:

  • Olia Lialina, "My Boyfriend Came Back From the War"
  • Caitlin Fisher, "These Waves of Girls"

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Lialina remediations (multiple artists)
  • Thu, 11/7

    Readings Due:

  • Matthew Miller, “Trip"
  • Raine Koskimaa, “Visual Structuring of Hypertext Narratives
  • Tue, 11/12
    Visual Poetry (vispo)

    Readings Due:

  • Aram Saroyan poems, especially 15-30
  • Emmett Williams, "Like Attracts Like"; "meditation no.1"; typewriter
  • e.e. cummings, "r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r" [and page proof]
  • Browse UbuWeb, especially Guillaume Apollinaire | Dick Higgins | b.p. nichol
  • bp Nichol, "Attempted Diagnoses" Online
  • Ted Warnell, "Obsession"

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Aram Saroyan, "Flower Power"
  • Bob Grumman, "MNMLST POETRY: Unacclaimed but Flourishing"
  • Browse Jim Andrews, Vispo ~ Langu(im)age: experimental visual poetry
  • Kominos Zervos, dimocopo (digital moving code poetry; 1996-97), especially "Marriage"
  • bp Nichol home pageOnline
  • 4th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry (2001) Online
  • Thu, 11/14
    Digital Poetics: loops, motion, temporality

    Readings Due:

  • Dan Waber, Strings
  • Ana Maria Uribe, Anipoema / Anipoem
  • Komninos Zervos, Invention (CyberPoetry)
  • Jason Nelson, "cube"
  • Tue, 11/19
    Sound and Motion: Flash and JavaScript Poetries

    Readings Due:

  • Thom Swiss and Skye Giordano, Genius
  • Young-Hae Chang, Heavy Industries, especially "Dakota," "Beckett's Bounce," "Lotus Blossom," and "Rain on the Sea"
  • Jose B. Chua, "Synchronicity"
  • David Knoebel, Click Poetry: Words in Space

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Peter Howard, "Flash Poetry" Online
  • Browse Poems That Go Online
  • Jim Andrews, "Seattle Drift" (DHTML)
  • Sound poetry at UbuWeb, especially Hugo Ball, "Karawane"; Kurt Schwitters; Jaap Blonk, "der minister" and "galsslass";
  • An interview with Scanner
  • Thu, 11/21
    Digital Strata

    Readings Due:

  • Giselle Beiguelman, the book after the book / o livro depois do livro
  • Ted Warnell, "Lascaux.Symbol.ic" and "VIRU2"

  • Recommended Readings:
  • Visual explanation of programming languages (Webopedia)Online
  • Ted Warnell interview on the poetics of programming (trAce)Online
  • Browse Brazilian Digital Poetry
  • Tue, 11/26
    Programmable Poetry & Holopoetry

    Readings Due:

  • John Cayley, O_F___P_R_O_G_R_A_M_M_A_T_O_L_O_G_Y and Indra's Net
  • Eduardo Kac, Holopoetry
  • Browse Jim Rosenberg, Interactive Works
  • Tue, 12/3
    Code, Code Poetry, and Net.wurked Language

    Readings Due:

  • Mez, _the data][h!][bleeding texts_
  • Florian Cramer, "Program Code Poetry" and "and" (Perl poem)
  • Thu, 12/5

    Readings Due:

  • Talan Memmott, Lexia to Perplexia
  • Genco Gulan, "interactive poem / etkilesimli siir"

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