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Transcriptions Participants & Contributors

T he Transcriptions team consists of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, staff, and occasional professional developers based in the English Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. Team members work individually and cooperatively in an environment of shared technology headquartered in the Transcriptions Studio (a research and development center). Project members are responsible for all facets of development, including Web site design, database programming, server administration, and technical support.



Transcriptions (and LCI) Faculty

  • Alan Liu (Project Director, Principal Investigator): digital culture and new media studies, literary theory, cultural studies and postindustrialism, British Romantic literature and art; major Web project: Voice of the Shuttle; recent book: The Laws of Cool: The Culture of Information, Stanford Univ. Press, 2003 (biography; more info)
  • Yunte Huang: poetics and technology, modernism, Transpacific studies; recent books: Transpacific Displacement: Ethnography, Translation, and Intertextual Travel in Twentieth-Century American Literature (2002) and Shi: A Radical Reading of Chinese Poetry (1997); translator into Chinese of Ezra Pound's The Pisan Cantos; books in progress: "The Deadly Space Between": Literature and History in the Age of Transpacific Imagination and Poetry and Globalization: Essays in the Poetics of Medium and Translation (biography)
  • Christopher Newfield: American culture after 1830, literary and social theory, affect, race, sexuality, California, corporate culture, and the history of the university; recent book: Ivy and Industry: Business and the Making of the American University, 1880-1980 (2004); books in progress: The Empowerment Wars, which explores the literature, management theory, and everyday life of cubicle dwellers in corporate America, and Starting Up, Starting Over, an eyewitness account of the underside of the "New Economy" in Southern California (biography)
  • Carol Braun Pasternack: Old and Middle English literature; history of the English language; oral and textual theory; gender in the Middle Ages; recent book: The Textuality of Old English Poetry, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995; book in progress on The Individual, the Family, and the Text in Anglo-Saxon England (biography)
  • Rita Raley: digital textuality, electronic culture, globalization and global culture, cultures of colonialism and imperialism, history of the university; recent article, "Interferences: [Net.Writing] and the Practice of Codework," Electronic Book Review, 2002; books in progress: Global English and the Academy and eEmpires: Neoliberal Globalization and the Digital Humanities (biography)
  • William Warner: Eighteenth century, the novel, literary and cultural theory, history of 20th century media (from film to Internet), law and literature (free speech and censorship); director of The Digital Cultures Project; recent book: Licensing Entertainment: the Elevation of Novel Reading in Eighteenth Century Britain (Univ. of California Press, 1998); book in progress: American Networks: From 18th Century Committees of Correspondence to the Internet (biography)


Transcriptions Graduate Student Participants

During each quarter of the academic year (and often also during summer), two to three graduate students from the UCSB English Department serve as Transcriptions teaching assistants or research assistants. The following students, some of whom have since graduated and started a careers in university teaching or private-sector technology work, have been part of the Transcriptions team. (See also graduate-student contribution to Transcriptions research.)

  • Robert Adlington: dissertation-in-progress on J. G. Ballard, narrative theory, and memory, with a complementary interest in database design; co-author with Katie Berry of Transcriptions Topics page on Celebrity and media
  • Carolyn Brehm: dissertation-in-progress on Early Modern literature; author of Transcriptions Topics page on Hypertheatre
  • Sharon Doetsch: research areas in lesbian feminism, queer theory, and social movements; Transcriptions supervisor of undergraduate research team in LCI specialization
  • Jeremy Douglass: dissertation planned on the transition of contemporary fiction to digital form, especially database design; programmer and designer of the database serving the Transcriptions and UCSB English Dept. Web sites
  • Laurie Ellinghausen: dissertation-in-progress on professionalization and the labor of literature in the Early Modern period; contributor to Transcriptions Resource pages
  • Andrea Fontenot: research interests in modernism and revolution, queer
    theory, and postcolonial theory and literatures; Transcriptions supervisor of undergraduate research team in the LCI specialization
  • Elizabeth Freudenthal: dissertation-in-progress on compulsiveness and detachment syndromes in contemporary fiction; RA for Transcriptions; instructor for LCI course in science fiction; TA in Transcriptions lower-division lecture course on The Culture of Information
  • Robert Hamm: dissertation-in-progress on 18th-century editions of Shakespeare
  • Jennifer Jones: dissertation completed on the relation between the theory of virtual reality and the 19th-century theory of the sublime; author of Transcriptions Topics page on Virtual Realities & Imaginative Literature and contributor to Transcriptions Bookshelf
  • Gisela Kommerell: dissertation planned on information theory and literature; author of Transcriptions topics page on Information Theory
  • Michael Perry: dissertation planned on []; contributor to various Transcriptions pages and developer of workshops and drop-in tech support for Transcriptions courses
  • Christopher Schedler: book forthcoming, Border Modernism: Intercultural Readings in American Literary Modernism, Routledge, 2002; author of the Transcriptions Topics page on Native American Literature, Oral Tradition, Internet
  • Jeanne Scheper: dissertation in progress on trans-Atlantic cultures of performance and new modernism(s) 1892-1940; worked with Prof. Christopher Newfield on syllabus and course page for American Literature and Corporate Culture
  • Diana Solomon: dissertation-in-progress on the comic performances of actresses on the Restoration and early 18th-century London stage; author of Transcriptions Topics page on Masquerade and the Web
  • Melissa Stevenson: dissertation-in-progress on intersections of technology, popular culture, and conceptions of human identity; developer of prototype for the design and structure of the Cultures of Information web site; technology developer for new Transcriptions multistation computer classroom
  • Jennifer Stoy: dissertation planned on Medieval literature; technology developer for new Transcriptions multistation computer classroom
  • Eric Weitzel: dissertation completed on Gertrude Stein; lead developer and programmer of Transcriptions Coursebuilder system; contributor to department database development
  • Vincent Willoughby: dissertation completed on Romantic literature, technology, and the Industrial Revolution; author of various Transcriptions Resource pages, including Learning Web Authoring
  • Jeen Yu: dissertation planned in Early Modern literature; author of Transcriptions Guide to Electronic Literature; co-author of Transcriptions Topics page on Cyber-Scribes: From Manuscript to Hypertext


Transcriptions Undergraduate Student Participants

Undergraduate research assistants have played an important part in the Transcriptions project as technical and research content developers. (Most have also been students in Transcriptions / LCI courses.)


The UCSB English Department provides staff support for the Transcriptions Project as part of its cost-sharing contribution to the project's NEH grant. Key department staff members who have contributed to Transcriptions include the following.

Current English Department Staff Members:

Past English Department Staff Members:

Professional Developers

  • Bo Kinloch: (BA in Modern Literary Studies, UC Santa Cruz, 1996): graphic designer of the current Transcriptons Web site; contributing programmer of the UCSB English Department's Early Modern Center Image Gallery and department Web site; specialties in web design, database design, 3D computer game modeling.

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