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  1. Original NEH Proposal, 1996
  2. UCSB Instructional Improvement Program Proposals
  3. UCSB Humanities & Fine Arts Proposal
  4. Performance Reports

L Transcriptions Funding Proposalsike any project funded by governmental, institutional, and private donors, Transcriptions has been required to create detailed proposals, planning documents, performance reports, and other materials relating to project development. A representative number of these documents are published here on the Transcriptions site because they serve purposes beyond their original intent:

  • Dissemination. These documents may assist others in creating funding proposals for projects related to information technology and the humanities.
  • Explanation. The documents contain a detailed narrative explanation of the project's rationale.
  • (Note: these proposals appear in the format of the first- or second-generation Transcriptions Web sites depending on when they were written.)

    Original NEH Proposal, 1996

    The original Transcriptions proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities was submitted in 1996. The full text of the proposal is reproduced here. Because the requested funding amount was scaled back in the final award to $30,000 plus a $15,000 matching grant, not all the plans contained in the proposal were pursued. In addition, Transcriptions extended in new directions not always foreseen in the original plan because of new or changing opportunities. Most notably, the project developed its Literature & Culture of Information specialization and affiliation with the UC Digital Cultures Project as alternative or additional modes of "Follow-Up and Dissemination."

    Full Text of NEH Proposal

    UCSB Instructional Improvement Program Proposals, 1998-2002

    Administered by the UCSB Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and the Academic Senate Committee on Effective Teaching and Instructional Support, the Instructional Improvement Program is designed "to encourage and support faculty efforts to improve the quality of instruction. . . . Grants are viewed as seed money to encourage experimentation with new ideas, methods, technologies and content. . . ." Transcriptions has used its generous support by the Instructional Improvement Program to fund the research assistants necessary to help faculty develop course technologies and course materials. In addition, Instructional Improvement monies were instrumental in supporting the team of research assistants who tested. assembled, and documented pedagogical technologies in Transcription's new Multi-Station Computing Classroom.

    Full Text of Instructional Improvement Program Proposals:
    1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2002
    | 2003 | 2004 | 2007

    UCSB Humanities & Fine Arts Proposal, 2001

    Administered by the office of the UCSB Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts, this special curricular and research development award allowed Transcriptions to develop more fully the curriculum of its Literature & Culture of Information specialization (LCI), start its LCI undergraduate research assistants program and its associated LCI Magazine, and bring in guest speakers to visit in LCI classrooms.

    Full Text of Humanities & Fine Arts Grant Proposal

    Performance Reports

    Transcriptions produced twice-yearly interim performance reports for the NEH. A final performance report was produced in September 2002.

    NEH Interim Performance Reports, 1999-2001:
    Feb. 1999 | Aug. 1999 | Feb. 2000 | Aug. 2000 | Feb. 2001

    NEH Final Performance Report, 2002


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